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Multiple District 4 California Lions

Multiple District Four Youth Protection Policy

MD4 Youth Protection Policy PDF coming soon!

Volunteer Organization Admin User Guide PDF

Email and Payment Templates PowerPoint

Sterling Volunteers Screening for Youth Programs

California Lions are dedicated in providing a safe environment for your youth programs. Volunteers must be screened before participating in Lions programs. Before applying for the background clearance the individual will need to gather the following items to provide:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Date Of Birth
  • SSN
  • Drivers License
  • Current Address and any others within the last 10 years. 
  • Credit Card for application payment.
Please apply to your area in Multiple District Four.

Area 1

4-C1, 4-C5, 4-A1

Representative DG Claudia Miller

Area 2

4-C2, 4-C3, 4-C4, 4-C6

Representative CC Don Gall

Area 3

4-A2, 4-A3, 4-L1, 4-L3

Representative DG Juanita Nichols

Area 4

4-L2, 4-L4, 4-L5, 4-L6

Representative PDG Manny Sanchez