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Multiple District 4 California Lions



The VDG Partners in attendance shall judge the scrapbook contest at the first Council Meeting (Organizational, August) after the International Convention. 

The following rules for judging shall be followed:

1.    Only winners of the individual district level contest shall be eligible. District’s or Club President’s scrapbook or yearbook may be entered in the contest.

2.    The President’s year shall begin with his/her election and will end on June 30th the following year.

3.    There will be three awards for the MD-4 contest: a winner and two honorable mentions. Awards will be presented at the MD-4 Convention.

4.    Maximum cover size of book shall be: 19” x 25”.

5.    Lions, not professionals, shall have prepared book.

6.    The scrapbook will be divided and judged in eight categories in the following order:

a.    Organization and Table of Contents (7); General Appearance (3)    10 points

b.    Local Community Service    20 points

c.    District Service Activities    15 points

d.    MD-4 Activities    10 points

e.    International Activities    10 points

f.    Youth Activities    10 points

g.    News Media Coverage    15 points

h.    Club Social Activities    10 points 

Total     100 points

7.    Each section must be tabbed for ease of judging and comparison.

8.    The scrapbook will be identified with the district, club name and officers, and scrapbook chairman on the first page before the table of contents.

9.     The only photos to be considered in judging will be those telling a story of a project, etc. Other pictures will be judged on the general appearance of the book.

10.    Scrapbooks are to be displayed in the same order as their evaluation forms, by district.

11.    No other Lions will be permitted in the room while the judging is in progress.

12.    Three (3) hours will be allowed for the judging of the books.

13.    The book is a year’s history of the club, and should be interesting, informative and be a book the president will be proud to receive as a tribute to his/her leadership for the year.