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Multiple District 4 California Lions

MD4 Global Leadership Team

Global Leadership Team (GLT) Multiple District Coordinator 

PDG Norm McDaniel

Position Overview 

As the GLT Multiple District Coordinator, he is the leadership development expert ensuring districts achieve their goals. He educates, coaches and mentors coordinators while removing barriers that impede progress. His drive and determination will inspire and empower districts to be successful in developing quality leaders. 

Actions for Success 


Global Leadership Team (GLT) Multiple District 

PCC Liz Crooke 

Lion Liz graduated from the Faculty Development Institute in Oakbrook, Ill in 2011 and was observed and certified as a Lions Certified Instructor in New Brunswick, Canada in 2018. She has served on the faculty for the Lions Certified Instructor Program, Faculty Development Institute, Advanced Lions Leadership Institute and the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute, sometimes serving more than once for the same Institute/Program. She has also been a trainer in a virtual setting for the Faculty Development Excellence Series as well as the 2021 LEO Club Officer Training held during the USA Canada LEO Leadership Forum. She has presented at International Conventions and District and Multiple District Conventions and Cabinet Meetings and at Regional Lions Leadership Institutes in Hawaii. Currently she is serving as a member of the California Leadership Team, District 4-C6 Leadership Coordinator, President of the California Lions Toastmasters Club and Group 17 Leader for 2022-2023 District Governors.


Global Leadership Team (GLT) Multiple District 

PDG Manny Sanchez


Global Leadership Team Toolbox

Leadership Development is critical to the overall success of any organization, including Lions Clubs International. The Global Action Team - Global Leadership Team (GLT) provides the vision, guidance and motivation necessary to positively impact our association, assuring our position as the global leader in providing needed community service for many years to come. The resources below are intended to assist the GAT-GLT with their role in leadership development.

Assessment, Planning & Recognition Resources

Local Training Reporting Resources

Training Grants & Curriculum Resources

Additional Resources

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MD4 Lions Leadership Summit

Leadership Institutes

MD-4 Regional Lions Leadership Institute

8 AM Saturday, January 29th through 3 PM Monday, January 31st

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MD4 Resources

Check here for current documents from your Global Leadership Team

MD4 Resources

Check here for current documents from your Global Leadership Team