Under Construction
• The Multiple District Four website is currently under extensive "re-construction."  If any Lions would like to help, please contact ►Webmaster Ron Raines.  If you find a "broken link" AKA "page not found," please email ►PDG Ron.
• The primary goal for our website is to provide both old and new information that is accessible on "the web" for the Lions of our multiple.  Information which can be easily found --  intuitively, using common web standards and practices..
• The website is organized in a hierarchical manner.  The "Gold" vertical navigation bar (buttons) being global in nature.  "Tooltip" information bubbles have been recently added to the main navigation bar.
• Another brand new feature is a search box or search engine added at the top right of the main "home" page.  "Google Custom Search."  The search is focused only on the MD4 Website content.  When all else fails, try the "search box."
• An important part of this re-construction will be the "new construction" of a mobile device friendly version of our website.   Smart phones, tablets, touchscreens.
• A few tips:  The old standard was links (text) were easily recognizable by the underline below the text.  Do a "mouseover" and the pointer becomes an index finger.  Left-click and a new page or an outgoing email message window appears. Please now expect any text or graphic can be a link.  So, do lots of mouseovers and look for ribbon or larger tooltip messages made to help you.  The mouse scroll wheel is also helpful.  Do you know how to zoom in and out using the keyboard Ctrl button and mouse scroll wheel?
• The "Marketing Communications and Information Technology Committee" is preparing to hold seminars and hands-on training (all-day computer labs) at our MD4 Convention in February.  Contact Committee Chair ►PDG Lita Guidoti and watch for more information on this page, soon.