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Multiple District Four

California Lions Clubs International

MD4 Global Membership Team

Global Membership Team (GMT) Multiple District Coordinator 
PDG Buck Larsen

As the GMT multiple district coordinator, he is the membership expert ensuring districts achieve their goals. He will educate, coach and mentor your coordinators while removing barriers that impede progress. His drive and determination will inspire and empower districts to be successful in strengthening membership. 

Actions for Success 

  • Collaborates with your GLT and GST multiple district coordinators and the multiple district Global Action Team chairperson (council chair) to further initiatives focused on leadership development, membership growth and expanding humanitarian service.
  • Develops and executes an annual multiple district membership development plan.
  • Communicates regularly with GMT district coordinators. Ensures they are aware of available membership programs and resources available.
  • Monitors each district’s progress towards membership goals. Follows up with districts who are behind on their goals and offers motivation and support.
  • Encourages GMT district coordinators to include diverse populations to participate in Global Action Team Initiatives.
  • Contacts prospective member leads, provided by LCI, in a timely manner and provides status updates on membership.
  • Completes requirements and submits application to receive multiple district funding from LCI for membership development activities.
  • Provides retention strategies to districts in collaboration with GLT and GST multiple district coordinators.
  • Motivates districts to charter specialty clubs. 


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