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California Lions Clubs

Multiple District Four, California, Lions Clubs International (MD4)

Global Action Team


MD4 Global Action Team Chairperson
CC Bob Stewart

The Global Action Team was built with a vision that one day every need in the world will be served by a Lion or Leo. It brings together the three key areas of Lions:

  • Leadership development
  • Membership
  • Service

By unifying the Global Leadership Team (GLT), Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Service Team (GST) as the Global Action Team, we will create synergy and new opportunities for clubs to grow and serve. 

Global Service Coordinator


PDG Norm MacKenzie

The GST MD4 coordinator, is the service program expert ensuring districts achieve the distinct goals of their area, who educates, coaches and mentors sub-district coordinators while removing barriers that impede progress. His drive and determination will inspire and empower districts to be successful in maximizing beneficiaries served.

Global Leadership Coordinator

PCC Liz Crooke

The GLT provides leadership development opportunities that can empower Lions to lead and serve their communities. Strong leaders can help drive membership, champion new service projects and ensure that clubs are positioned for ongoing success. 

Global Membership Coordinator

PDG Buck Larson

The GMT can help clubs develop effective membership programs to attract new members. And they can help clubs create a great membership experience that will keep new and seasoned members coming back. More members mean clubs can bring more service to the community.